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Stay Positive with affirmations

Normally in our society we saw that some people always says negative about themselves. Always they underestimate themselves. They always says that “I am dumb” ,I am not able to do anything. Even  I don’t think that I will be successful in my life” If you analysis these  you will find that  there are some…

To accomplish your dream visualize it

We all knows that there two parts of our mind.Conscious mind and subconscious mind. Your mind is always with you and its having amazing power.But these power you can use only when you will know how to use it. When you are thinking means your conscious mind is working and whatever you think habitually sinks…

Be positive ,Think positive ,Act positive

Thoughts are your beliefs ,opinion ,ideas about yourself, about our surroundings. All of the thinking happens in mind. Thoughts are the impressions of the situations happens in your life or you saw around you.  Thoughts create beliefs. What are beliefs ? When you accept any thought firmly it becomes belief. And  feelings are the result…

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