How to write affirmations? A technique that really works!

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What are affirmations?

Affirmations mean your repeated thoughts. Negative thoughts are easily attracted by us. Positive affirmations guide us to stay positive in the bombardment of negative stuff in daily routine. Actually positive affirmations are more powerful than positive quotes and positive statements. We can define affirmations like a set of powerful words which improves your performance of mind and body. Affirmations are a great tool for helping you to manifest with the law of attractions.

How the positive affirmations work ?

Affirmations are your thinking pattern which you are using purposely to achieve something. Our brain follows a few things and affirmations are written according to those things. Positive affirmations are one type of brain language. Our brain doesn’t understand the past tense and future tense. It only understands the present tense. When you start thinking about anything your brain process the information and prepares you for the action and that’s why affirmations are always in the present tense. Repetition is the key to success and we all know “habits always gives the result “in the last blog. So brain response to the positive affirmations and start preparing you for those things.

How to write your own positive affirmations ?

1.Write affirmations like they are believable.

Many personal motivators say, always write affirmations with “I CAN” because if you start with “I AM” then in some affirmations your conscious mind will not trust on this statement, and might be this will create conflict between conscious and subconscious mind. According to me to balance both situations,we should decide it on a personal level.

For example, you know your financial health and if you are saying you are millionaire, your conscious mind will not trust on this statement but if you say I can be a millionaire, it will trust and automatically your subconscious mind will also trust on this and it will create supportive situations and opportunities and you will become a millionaire.

You can also start your affirmations with

I know…

I have…

I love…..

2.Write your affirmations with positive words.

Make sure your affirmation will not have words like “don’t” , “can’t”, “won’t” Use positive words only. for example instead of saying “I am debt free” you will replace it “I am wealthy”.

3.Write affirmations in present tense.

Write as like you are experiencing it right now. Don’t add time frame in that like “within a year”.

Use such words those will create inner experience within you.

I am enjoying life.

I am good swimmer.

See the above statements they are not bound by time. They are simple but powerful and believable statements.

4. Remember always these affirmations are only for you. Don’t think about others, be yours only.

5.Repeat your affirmations at least 5 min in 3 times in a day.

6. Add physical action in affirmation so your mind and body will remember the affirmation more effectively.

7. Be specific while writing affirmations.

“I am having my dream car.” is too vague. Write it like “I am having a red colour, Lamborghini.

8. Add your passion and emotions in affirmations. Use words like happy,joyful,inspired,delighted,loving ,beautiful etc.

9.Write affirmation which are supportive to your goal.

10. While writing and repeating affirmations of your goal, appreciate always your current achievements also.

11. Write the affirmation which will replace the negative thoughts of your mind.

12. You can use words like “I am attracting a happier life everyday”

How you will use the affirmations ?

For good results you should be deeper relax when you want to repeat the affirmations.

Meditation with your affirmation is very effective way to get good results.

Find a quiet place to seat and close your eyes. Listen to some meditation music to relax your mind and then focus on your affirmations. Feel them, visualize them and repeat them mentally. Try to stay in this phase at least for 20 min.

Sleeping or relaxing with affirmations.

Be in comfortable seating position or sleep down and let roll your affirmation in your mind. Many people use this technique while sleeping. In the dreamy state of relaxation, your subconscious mind get opens up for your affirmation and affirmations get absorb deeply in your subconscious mind.

Visualization with affirmation

In this method, you will seat or stand comfortable and will close your eyes and repeat the affirmations, vividly visualize them, feel them, add actions in this. But sometimes people feel a little odd to use this technique. Some people use the mirror technique for this also.

Here I am giving a few examples of affirmations. You can note down them if they suit you.

I have my dream job.

I love my work.

My coworkers are supportive.

My boss values the work I do.

My clients appreciate my work.

I attract new clients.

My positive opportunities gives me new opportunities.

I radiate success.

I am healthy,I eat healthy ,nutritious food.

I am loving and caring.

I am lovable.

I amattractive.

My romantic relationship is healthy.

My partner is kind,compassionate and understanding.

My partner and I are perfectly matched. There is a deep understanding between me and my partner.

All relationships are healthy because they are based on love and compassion.

Each day of my life is full of love,joy and positive.

I easily accomplish all my goal.

I am always in present.

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