Visualization – A mirror where you saw your success !

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Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions – Albert Einstein

Visualization is defined as a practice to make efforts to change your thoughts to achieve your dreams.
Visualization is a technique that trains your mind to believe your subconscious thoughts. The visualization may feel like a daydreaming but there is a difference between both of them.
People who do daydreaming, they imagine things like the third person’s point of view and in visualization, anyone can imagine by his angel, by his preception. Daydreaming is just an expectation of things will happen and visualization is you are having the belief that things will definitely happen because you are emotionally involved in that.
Visualization is a procedure of envisioning your desire outcome.
Visualization activates your subconscious mind.
Positive visualization technique helps you to improve your health.
It increases your happiness level and self-confidence.
Visualization focuses your brain by programming its “reticular activating system” (RAS) to notice available resources that were always there but not previously noticed.
When you visualize your goals as already completed, it creates conflict in your subconscious mind between what you are visualizing and what is your current reality. Your subconscious mind tries to resolve that by turning your current reality into the new which you are feeling in your visualization.
Steps for effective visualization:
1.Set your personal goal.
2. Create a clear picture and feelings about your goal in mind.
3. Focus on your goal and increase the level of your positive energy.
The procedure of visualization is very simple. Close your eyes and imagine your goals are already complete. Imagine it in every detail manner. For example, you are visualization your own house. Visualize how big it is, how many rooms? which colours you have given in the room? how is the interior? How is the kitchen? Bedroom furniture, garden, swimming pool and many more what you desire.
Sometimes few people fail to imagine a clear picture so for that try to write down your dreams in detail. You can also draw a picture on a paper to express yourself.
Add feelings in that picture. When you will add feelings, it will create emotions and your subconscious mind always understands emotions.
You can use images downloaded from google.
Vision Board and Goal book is also a good option for you.
Self-talk and mirror technique is also a powerful technique.
watch this video.
You can also use shower power for self-talk because when you are under warm water shower, your body gets energized and all cells in your body are stimulated by running water. Your body and mind both would be in the receiving state during this exact time. So this the best time for self conversation. Another best self conversation time is travelling. Personally, I use these both times for self conversation.
Law of attraction always told us to focus on the end result. Don’t think about “how ” because the universe will set all the circumstances to connect you to the right people to fulfil your dreams.
What if you are unable to picture the images during visualization? Use printed pictures to imagine. See that images and close your eyes and try to imagine what you have seen before a few seconds.
Every morning when you wake up and each night before going to bed is the time for visualization. Read all the goals and close your eyes and visualize it. It will take a maximum of 10-15 min only.
If you do meditation then do visualization after meditation because the deepest state you have in meditation will heighten the impact of your visualization.
If you are facing the problem of concentration then here are two methods for it.
Draw a black dot on the wall or on paper at your eyesight level.Sit relax in a chair and stair that dot without moving your eyes. You can do this exercise once in two days.
The second method is close to your eyes and starts imaging small things or such things about those you are confident. For example red appeal, ocean, banana tree, pen, whatever you feel.
This technique will give you fantastic results.
Few things you should avoid always.
Avoid negative self-talk.
Visualization on past incidences.
Keep all electronic dives off while doing visualization.
Focusing on thoughts only.
Maintain a gratitude journal always. Write and feel gratitude about what you have right now. Art of gratitude helps you to improve your health, relationships, mental strength.
These will definitely help you to visualize your dreams and they will be in reality. Always keep faith in yourself and also on universal power.


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