How to built great working relationship !

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A positive relationship in every field gives you peace and happiness.

Your relationship with Boss is one of the very important relationships in your working relationship.
In any job every day you meet many types of people and you feel comfortable to work with some of them and some times it gets very difficult to coordinate in a team. It’s always better to assertive than aggressive.
Assertiveness is an approach to communication that honours your choices as well as those of the person you are communicating with. 
Follow a few things for a better work relationship. 
Keep your self-communication always positive. 

Project your positive image in the office.

Visualize what you want to become, make the image as real as possible and feel the sensation of being that. Determine to make this goal and recall the powerful image or feeling when you are getting dishearted.
Encourage others to take you seriously. So when your boss will observe this you are treated with respect from others in an office, he will also treat you the same and you will impress the boss !!
Always take responsibility for your communication. Always use words like “I would like, I don’t like, I am ok .”

Use positive body language like stand straight, breathe deeply, look in the people’s eye when you communicate.

Always be a good listener first and understand the others.

Always respect your colleague’s opinions and also encourage them always. Develop your Influencing skills

Be comfortable with the situation always and be clear about your desired outcome.

Be clear while communicating, if you don’t have clarity, you can ensure about that. Organise your time. We all know that time is precious. Do your time audit frequently. 

Look at what you are being asked to do at work and why. Is this because it’s related to your role or because you are having special skill or expertise? In this case, you need to talk with your boss about your job boundaries. 

In the case of WFH (work from home)make sure that your family doesn’t automatically  see this an additional time you will be able to spend with them. 

Always ensure that your product should maintain high. Prioritise and plan ahead. Look at your workload and categorize them important and less important with a time limit. 

ALWAYS WRITE DOWN YOUR WORK BEFORE YOU START, so it will help you to focus on work according to priority.

Don’t be afraid of delegating upwards, if it’s for the good of your organisation, it’s the right thing to do.

Put yourself in the boss ‘s shoes and work out whether they have different priorities.
  Do always proper work before speaking to your boss.

Each one of us is unique and we all are having different beliefs and you feel that you are having personality clashes with your boss, you should follow a few techniques.

Find out the reason for clashes.
Workout whether it’s worth tackling at all.
Focus on what really matters 
Tackle the issue appropriately.
Don’t get drawn into playground policies.
Agree with the way forward
If all else fail, walk away.

In the last few years, workplaces have become more dynamic. Having youngsters in your team becomes some time challenge for you. Of course, actually, it offers a good knowledge exchange opportunity.

In case your boss is younger than you then how to deal with the situation let’s see.

Be open to new ideas and the ways to do things.

If your boss is planning to do those things which you have done in past and you were unsuccessful. Don’t get panic in this situation and try “reverse coaching” ask questions to your boss till you get satisfied. Think positively and accept the challenge.
Be ready to learn always.
Everyday technology is getting updated and young people had grown up with technology so it makes them comfortable but for the middle age, people maybe it feels complicated. So welcome this opportunity and be updated always.
Don’t make any assumptions without understanding their point of view.
Be proactive in your communication.
Keep things light always to avoid stress.
Your company’s success, your boss’s success is your success so encourage your boss for success.

Your professional skills, your business sense and your ability to build good working relationships will help you to be promotable always. see my last blog post about getting a promotion. 

Always ensure that you are considered for promotion. 

Build your personal brand always. 

Develop your interpersonal skills.

Meet your business goals.
Focus on building good teams.
Always ready for changes which happen in your industry and affect business modules.
Develop a good business network always.
Have a great working relationship ahead, 
(This article is based on the book”manage your boss” published by BLOOMSBURY)



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