Yesterday ,you said “From Tomorrow” is it going to happen ?

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“The only difference between success and failure is the ability to take action.” ~ Alexandre Graham Bell

Its Friday noon and you are in a hurry to complete the task and sending weekly report to the boss, the clock is running fast, the mind is not stable, you are not fully there because in the back of the mind you are cursing yourself why you don’t take this seriously and complete it, in fact, you were having sufficient time and you spend it on Facebook and what’s app.

I know many will have this same story, but have you ever think about why this happens?
 Is it laziness really?
No! It’s not laziness, it’s procrastination!
Both seem similar in first look but actually, there is a lot of difference.
Laziness means stop doing everything and in procrastination, we choose to do some different thing instead of completing one work.

Is procrastination is related to your mood? Yes, it is!

If you are tensed, in stress,  in anxiety,  in depression then there are maximum possibilities of this and don’t take it lightly because it will be going to demotivate you and of course your performance meter will be downwards.

Is procrastination is a time management issue? I think it’s not related to time management, its related to mindset. Sometimes you feel it difficult to complete the task and that’s why you keep postponing it.

Check your decision-making capabilities, if you get confused while taking important decisions and having fear about taking all 100 % responsibility then this is also a possibility of procrastination.

Actually, procrastination is a habit of delaying important work by focusing on less important work because it feels you easy and enjoyable.

How to overcome procrastination?

Keep your mindset positive. Start meditation and positive thinking. For more, you can read my previous blogs. So you will be able to keep yourself away from depression, anxiety, stress etc.

Start writing your daily task before you start your work. Divide your work in TOP Priority work and Less Priority work.
Start your day with top priority work.

Work on “WHY” you are procrastinating? what is the reason? Work on the solution. Don’t take tension while doing all this.
Some times people are good in time management but having doubt about something or some people are having fear or some misbeliefs about success.

“Procrastination is the fear of success. People procrastinate because they are afraid of the success that they know will result if they move ahead now. Because success is heavy, carries responsibility with it, it is much easier to procrastinate and live on the “someday I’ll” philosophy”. ~ Denis Waitley

Don’t overthink about what has happened just focus on the solution. Forgive yourself for the past. Make a commitment to yourself for completing the task.
Reward yourself for this. Put your emails, WhatsApp, Facebook off while completing your task. Fewer distractions mean more productivity.
Use time management apps to help you. Set your goals with timelimit.
Use STING formula to change this situation.
S- Select only one task and do only that.
T- Time yourself means to set a time limit to complete the work.
I- Ignore all other things while doing that work.
N- No break while completing work because you might be get attracted to other things.
G-Give yourself rewards after completing a task.
Upgrade your skills so you will be able to complete your work before time and get rewarded again and again.
Start your day by asking yourself the question “What will be your best today?”
Be your own motivator because inner motivation is always long-lasting.

Ask your self a few questions to test you and calculate your marks.

I don’t like it absolutely – 1 point
I am neutral – 2 points
I like it very much – 3 point
1. When there is a meeting, I do all the necessary arrangements before the meeting.
2. I generally give a response to emails and phones immediately.
3. I found tasks often get completed even they are easy and less effortless.
4. Once my all doubts get cleared I took decision fast.
5.When there is something difficult to do I get panic for some time.
6. When there something difficult to do I tell myself to wait till I get inspiration to do.
7. I usually have to rush to complete the task on time.
8. When deadlines are near I often waste time by doing other things.
9. I finish all task before deadlines.
10. For the preparation of the meeting, I do many things at the last moment.
11. I often start my task delay.
12. When I met a big, heavy task, I work on the steps always.
13.” I will do it tomorrow” is my favourite dialogue.
14. I am well organised and I plan my daily task always.
15. I took a break to watch social media updates while completing my tasks.
15-30 score:-  You are a procrastinator and you should work on yourself to overcome.
30- 45 score:- You are a mild procrastinator and you are aware of this and you should learn a few techniques
                      to overcome it.
45-60 score:- Good news, you are not a procrastinator.
I hope this will help you to perform better. All the best!
Wish you a rich , happy and successful life!



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6 thoughts on “Yesterday ,you said “From Tomorrow” is it going to happen ?

  1. I have seen this so many times in Entrepeneurs…they get so overwhelmed and postpone things. As you say it is about prioritising, using some productivity tools and breathing!! 🙂

    1. yes, because entrepreneurs are having mindset that they are boss and they are having freedom. Actually According me you get more freedom when you are in the job.

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