Let’s check how promotable you are ?

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April is the start of a new financial year normally. And many people get promoted from this month.

If you are thinking about the promotion, you are a self-motivated person who wants to play a big and important role in the current organisation.
Promotion is a very attractive phase and it shows your talent and skills.

Let’s check how promotable you are?

Let’s play! Answer a few questions and check your score.

1.   Why you would like to get promoted?

a)   To have a powerful designation
b)  To make bigger contribution to the organisation.
c)   To earn more money.

2         2.   If a colleague mentioned something to you and then sought your                     opinion, how would you feel?

a)   Very grateful
b)  I would appreciate their advice and hope they value my judgement too.
c)   I would not listen to their advice and they should know my opinion already.

3. If you got a promotion, would you like to treat other members differently from before ?

a)   No ,I would  treat them exactly the same.
b)  I would try and create an impact on my image to gain more respect and authority.
c)   Of course, I would treat them very differently as they are working for me now.

   4. What kind of approach would you take,in asking for a promotion ?

a) I do not have a right to ask and i would wait for them to mention it.
b)I should explain why I should deserve the promotion and any ideas having for future.
c) I would insist on promotion straight  away.

   5. How would you impress your manager in order to get a promotion ?

       a) Always hang around the managers to make sure they notice me.
       b) Improve and constantly update my CV.I would also try to appear alert
       at all times and find out more about ideas behind the networking.
       c)  I would try to persuade them why I would be ideal for
           promotion and express the urgency behind it as well.

   6. Do you think a promotion would affect your family life or other caring               responsibilities?

      a) Yes, but I am always willing to put my work before anything.
      b) I think,it will but I will try to balance the two, as I understand                        more responsibility will be involved.
     c)No, I will not let my work overpower crucial time with my family.

   7. If you were to be promoted, how do you think you would change?

      a) I would not change because people should respect who  I am.
      b) I would try and become a more respectable figure.
     c) I would not remain friends with any of my colleagues, seeing as I
        would have such a stressful job and they would be working for me.

       A= 1 ,b= 2,c=3

Now add up your scores.

·       8-13    It is unlikely you are going to be promoted unless you start thinking more positively about yourself. You should always put forward your ideas and let your managers know that you are really interested in a promotion. Also, consider that you may have to change some of your qualities when you do get promoted. People will still accept who you are, but will just respect you more as a manager.
·        14-18   You have a balanced character that will fit perfectly in a manager position. You think of other colleagues and appreciate their advice. Remember to develop your leadership skills in order to express your full potential and achieve your goals
·        19-24    Be careful, as you may come across too strong sometimes. Remember to respect other colleagues advice and suggestions instead of always following your own judgement.
Also make sure that you treat everyone the same even if you happen to be their manager in the future.
Let’s see  some pros and cons of a promotion also.
Thinking about promotion is having much positive reason behind.
May be you are having a deeper knowledge of your current field.
Promotion means taking new responsibilities and talking about new challenges and exciting and reward of your previous good work.

Tune your mind for changing your work profile because what skills you have provided yet that maybe not will be the part of your daily work, it will change, it might be management level job, team handling job. So you have to tune yourself for that because it’s a part of leaving the comfort zone and most of the people feel it difficult.

Your working life will change. More work, more stress, extra working hours, family responsibilities, less time for your hobbies, maybe you will be your best friend’s boss, working with the powerful people and with their egos and tantrums also.
You should be mentally prepared for all those things before accepting the promotion. I don’t want to give any negative message through this, I just want to be aware and tune your mind for all these.
To tune your mind for all this do meditation twice in a day. Start your day by expressing gratitude about each n everyone who is connected with you. Plan your day properly. Take your lunch properly and also take care of your physical fitness. Try to maintain a friendly atmosphere in your team.

(source for the quiz :- steps to success book of A&C Black Publishers Ltd)



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