What is the secrete that helps to manifest?

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The law of attraction is very simple and very much easy. We can describe it in one line also.”What we think, we attract it and it becomes our reality.”
But most of the people think it’s difficult or doesn’t work for me, actually, their thoughts are the hurdles in their path and the vired thing is they are not aware of that.
If your mind is not cleared about exactly what you want or you are having doubt about the law of attraction or having doubt on yourself then it’s literally waste of investing time in reading affirmations frequently.
The first thing you should have very clear about what you want exactly.
Many people want their life to change but they don’t know what exactly they want to change. When you ask anything to Universal power, be a specific always.
For example:- When my mother was young she wanted to start her career and she was very desperate about that. “She asked God to give her a job for her survival. And after around 6–7 months she got a job in a school as a librarian. And in all her career her salary was basic and now her pension is also basic and now she realized this, that she was having an opportunity to ask good position and salary but she asks for survival only.” I and my siblings are good to take care of herself but on an individual level, she lost the chance because not having clarity about what she wants.
People also afraid many times to ask what they exactly want because they care soo much about people’s concern. They think what others will think when they will know about their dreams. Please be always true with yourself because this will help you to raise your vibrations and it will be easier to focus on what you want. To raise your vibrations you have to remove toxic thoughts from your mind. Keep yourself away from such people who drain your positive vibes.
When we are having a clear thought about anything, the universe starts working on that but sometimes we are having some negative beliefs in our mind and it takes time to change your beliefs. Analysis of what are your thoughts about your dreams is very important. Replace those beliefs with positive thoughts and act as the same as your dream has been fulfilled.
Do visualization regularly. To know more you can visit my blog Motivation2u
Always focus on your dreams, spend time with those who are having the same interest. When you will have a focus on your dream it will become your reality because it’s a universal rule, that what you focus it will grow for you.



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