How to become successful -Part 3

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You can make a difference from the point where you are now and create what you desire because its all are beliefs you are carrying. Every second is perfect to start new and something good.

“The people who are creasy enough to think, they can change the world are the ones who do.” -Steve Jobs

Successful people always keep them surrounded by successful people. They join networking platforms. They join the chamber of commerce, civic groups like Rotary. They attend seminars, lectures, conferences.

One more quality is mainly observed in successful people that when they were an ordinary human being in the early stage of this journey they always behave like successful people. They never focus on failures.

American educator and author  Laurence j.Peter had said that ” If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, then what is the  significance of a clean desk?”

Letting go of the old cluttered is the solution to this. If you want to enter a new life you have to let go of all the old unwanted baggage you are carrying in your mind.
Replacing old habits into new habits which are mostly followed by successful people. Write down the habits which are unproductive in your new journey and replace them with positive supportive habits.

Successful people always kept them in receiving mode, so they get everything in abundance. Receptive mode means having a strong belief in yourself and on the universe and telling the universe why you want this in your life. When you go in silence, you can communicate with the Universe about this.

Successful People Always Give Back!
If you look at the richest people such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, they donate most of their wealth for charity and back to society. 

They did not do this because they are rich; they do this because they know the universal rule that what you will gave , it will come back to you in multiple.

Jack Ma from Alibaba had said that “when you donate to someone who is in need, the person that changes the most is not the one who receives the money, because we cannot change what has happened to that person. The one that will go through the most change is the person who donates.”. 

This is because when you contribute, you know that you have enough and you know that deep within you, you have done something good.

And when you do something good, you will feel good and this feeling makes you more confident because you know that you have helped someone else before. 

Cultivate this habit with a small amount, no problem, because emotions are important. Contribute back to society and to the world. 

Let’s create the success because we are the co-creators of our life!

Wish you a rich, happy and successful life!



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