How to become successful ? part 1

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Many times we saw the person who is successful, people discuss him “Before few years he or she was nothing, just an ordinary person, but suddenly the situation changed, luck started supporting him /her and now see he /she is a top successful person in society?

I am unfortunate, and this will never happen to me!
Let me tell you one thing, there is nothing like luck because “you are the co-creator of your life”
God has given us the choice to think, to choose what we want,he just completes our wish by giving that in abundance.
Now we will understand why very few people get success?
Successful people follow some rules. They do some changes in them and that’s why they achieve that.
We will discuss it in brief one by one.
Ask your self are you ready for a change? Because when you start changing yourself to achieve success, you should be prepared. Leaving the comfort zone is a difficult thing for people.
So your decision is very important.
Prepare yourself for a change.! I don’t want you to be scared but you should aware that your daily life is going to change due to this decision.
Accept the reality and take 100 % responsibility for your current situation.
A well known American Business philosopher Jimm Rhon says ” You must take personal responsibility, you cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself!
And this responsibility includes all your achievements, your failures, your relationships,, your health, your financial status.
And this is not that much easy!
Most of us have a habit of blaming others for our current situations.
Taking 100 %responsibility means removing all the excuses that you were giving to yourself or to others.Give up all the victim stories, all reasons.
Now onwards if in case you met the failure you will ask further questions to you.
How did I create that?
What was the thought behind this?
What are my beliefs about this?
What should be changed so my result will be changing?
Life becomes easier when you accept this.
Successful people don’t hesitate to take the risk to the desired output.
Successful people always show focused awareness, discipline, dedication and risk.
Life becomes simple when you started taking decisions decisively.
So all the best for your new Journey!
We are going to continue this series.
Tony’Robbins’s quote is my favourite!
Wish you rich , happy &successful life!


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