Why new year resolutions or goal setting becomes gossip in your friends ?

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All successful people have a goal. No one can get anywhere unless he knows where he wants to go and what he wants to be or do. ” —Norman Vincent Peale

Just we all have entered in a new decade.  In the starting of new year  many people make their new year resolution or  set their goal for the year and we all know what happened till middle of the January.

So I decided to write something for them who are unable to stick their goals. I am writing this in the first week of January purposefully.

Here I am sharing few tips stay stick up to your goals.

1. Set small goals so it will be easy to achieve or Break your big goal into small goals to get easy to achieve.

2.Work on your goal before set it .Means find out what you really want to achieve. And be specific or particular about it.  Also you have to set prioritize your goals as per time span and also consider other aspects. Before you set a goal ask yourself the following questions: 
  • Is this goal something you truly want? 
  • Is it important enough to pour hours of time and effort into it?

Prioritizing your goals in long term and short term goals is also very important because your some goals will be life goals and off course you can’t complete in a year .e. g .your retirement planning .If you are desiring some particular amount at your retirement you have to work on that every year and simultaneously if you are wishing to buy a car  or any foreign trip you have to work on it for a particular period. So be careful while setting your goals.

3. Prepare your self for those goals because normally people finds difficult to leave their comfort zone. Many people can’t accept change in routine easily. So it is very important that how passionate you are about that goal and are you ready to take efforts for that? And when you are not mentally prepared for change your conscious mind gives you the list  of reasons to give up the goal and this is the main reason new year resolution is the topic of gossip.

4. Once you set the goal, keep that always in front of you. For this you can make VISION BOARD in your room even on your mobile screen also. 
I had kept my vision board in my mobile so it remembers me always.  Design action plan to achieve that goal.  
Appreciate yourself on your small achievements also.
Have appreciated yourself on your achievement before this  
Do it once you will feel good and motivated. 
Appreciation is very important.

5.Set your goals for you only not for any other friend or any family member. It will be individually Yours.

6.Tell your close friend and family members about your goal and also tell them to ask you about the progress about your goal. This will help you to stick on your goal.

7. Set Timeline or deadline for your goals. Its get easier to achieve. It will also help you while making strategy of achieving  goal.

8.Maintain gratitude journal for this .Feel gratitude about all things and persons who are helping you to complete your goal.

9. Follow the persons who are legends and have achieve  same goal and are successful today. Read motivational books to keep yourself motivated.

10. Don’t think about failure during this journey. If you hold a thought about any failure it creates negativity and you will be depress. I had read about  Albert Einstein   somebody ask him about his 999 times failure while invention of light bulb. He says I am not fail, I know 999 ways that can’t make light bulb.
Keep this attitude in this journey.

Hope this will help you to complete your goal.

Wish you Rich n Happy life ahead !



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