How to raise your vibrations ?

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When you start visualizaing your dreams ,at some point to you feel that there is a need to increase your vibrations to acomplish your dreams fast.

Here I am going to share with  you few tips to raise your vibrations.

10 ways to raise your vibrations.

1. Compliment someone for his good work. 

 Appriciating someone creates good vibes and these good vibes helps you to fulfill your dreams.

 2. Go in a nature.   

Going in nature will refresh you and will help you to make strong connection with universal power.Have you every try to go in a nature and pray loudly with spreading your hands to universe,try it,you will feel good.You will feel mother nature is loving you.

3. Try to keep your mind calm. 

Its necessary to keep yourself calm because if you are on negative frequency you will attract the same. Do meditation regularly to keep you calm.

4 . Keep fresh flowers on your office desk.   

This will help you to stay happy and positive  always.

5.Eat fresh food always,say Bye to junk food.

We all knew that what that create same vibrations as per our food. So eating fresh green food,avoiding  junk food is very important.                                                                                       

6. Drink plenty of water.   
It is scientifically proven that when we dont drink water our brain cells doesnot work properly.To get refreshment to our brain cells its necessary to drink plenty of water.

7. Do exercise regularly.      

Excercise is very important because it refresh your body and mind both.

8. Do meditation daily.      

Meditation helps us to connect with ourselves means connect with our subconcious mind which is always connected to universal power.  So to stay connected with universal power meditation is very important.


9. Keep maintaining gratitude journal . 
We feel gratitude when we receive something ,and universal power dont response to need,it response to the feeling of what you are already having .So when we do visualization we imagin that are our dreams are already fulfilled and we are having that laready and we are greatful for that.


10. Listen your favourite music to fresh up yourself.

Music helps us to refresh.



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