To materialize your dreams ,visualize your dreams But how to do ?

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Every successful person is having a skill of visualization, at certain point they have visualize their current life before this. 

But some times people get difficulty in visualization because their conscious mind don’t allow them to accept because conscious mind normally works logical and it told you that what you are thinking is not reality ,reality is different.So its get difficult to visualize the picture of your bright future.

Visualization techniques improves your performance ,your creativity and when your creativity increases your  creative subconscious and law of attraction is also activated because your subconscious mind is directly connected to the Universe. 

You are motivated by yourself and this helps you to develop new strategies of achieving your dreams.

Here I am going to share with you few techniques that might be help you. Sit in a comfortable position and imagine your dreams as details as you can. Best time to do visualization is after meditation and before going to bed  because at that time you are mostly relax and no one can disturb you.
 Technique 1

Mental rehearsal

Majorly this method is used by sport persons. Imagine like you are seating in theatre which is personalize for you and relaxing and watching a movie of your dream life. The  hero of your movie are you only, you are seeing yourself on screen enjoying your dream life. 

Create as much detail image as you can like which dress ,which shoes create a very detail picture including very small details ,also try to hear some sound and feel all this if necessary do some actions also to create a feelings. 

Your subconscious mind understand thoughts with emotions so when you will do visualization having emotions into that you will get result faster. 

Try to add more emotions into the dream and feel it very deeply.(imagine your every cell is feeling this dream) Approximately all this process will take 5-10 min max. Then open your eyes and start your daily routine.

Technique 2


Vision Board is also known as Dream board.

When you will create vision board you will understand about your visions and dreams. Create this vision board for your office and home also. Stick pictures of your dreams on that board.
You can create it on your mobile also.

See it ,read it ,feel it twice in a day and additional when you are relaxed for a while. Add some affirmations there.

Affirmations are the statements which builds your belief about your dreams. Affirmations should be always in present tense. Means write it like you have achieved and you are having those things in real right now. Repeating an affirmation several times a day keeps you focused on your goal, strengthens your motivation. When you will read affirmations repeatedly your subconscious mind will start  programming it.

Technique 3


Meditation is a greatest tool for visualization. 

Regular meditation practice shows good results for your mental and physical health.

This guided meditation changes your vibration frequency.

How to practice visualization meditation ?

To begin, you want to engage in a basic meditation to relax, clear your mind.Find a quiet space where you won’t be interrupted. Sit on a meditation cushion or a chair with your hands resting loosely in your lap.Close your eyes, and take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Then begin breathing normally, paying attention to each inhalation and exhalation.
Once you feel relaxed and less distracted by your thoughts, you can begin the visualization process. Here are the steps you can follow:
1.    Define your goal : what exactly you want achieve.
2.    Visualize what is action plan to achieve your goals.
3.    Imagine you are doing these necessary actions.
4.    Feel it very deeply.
5.    Imagine you have achieve this goal and congratulating yourself.
6.    Take few breathe and open your eyes and start your daily routine. (This is very important step, don’t chase your dreams)
As you will practice it more your subconscious mind will accept it and will start showing results.

Feel gratitude about your all dreams

The secrete behind this is when you get something or you receive something you feel happiness and that happiness creates gratitude feeling in you.

 I hope this all methods will help you to achieve your dreams if there are any doubts you can send me mail.
Thanks !

I wish all my readers Rich n Happy life ahead !



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