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Many of us have heard about “Law  of Attraction” Or our some friends suggest us to see the ”THE SECRETE” movie on you tube or read a book “THE SECRETE” majorly when you are trying hard to achieve anything and you are not getting it. And you read the book or watch the movie and that time you are having only one thought in your mind that is what is exactly missing in my manifestation. So some points you may realize and some you loose it. I would like to tell you that Law of attraction  is universal truth and it works all the time. Just you get aware of that right now.

Now we will understand what is LOA. The simple definition of LOA is likes attracts likes. Lets see in brief. Likes attracts likes means you are having lots of thoughts in your mind in a day I had read somewhere that  you are having around 65 k thoughts in a day. But you think only on few of them and you are having focus on only one or two and these thoughts you repeatedly comes in your mind.

Our  subconscious mind is always connected to the universal power when you focus on the same thoughts repeatedly subconscious mind understands that you like this and so universal power helps you to come that thought in reality. So if you use this purposefully for your dreams you can achieve it easily.
Becoming more conscious about your thoughts will help you to discover which thoughts you have to kept and which thoughts you have to remove. Replace the negative thoughts and add affirmations there. This will help you to understand what you exactly want in a  life. Major people are not having clarity about what they are having exactly in their life and they just put themselves on “let’s see” mode and doesn’t get success. By changing simple things or you can say by adopting simple techniques you can easily focus on you will understand what is your desire goal. Visualization and affirmations are the exercising tools of LOA.

 Affirmations are the thoughts those we intentionally put in our subconscious mind. When you focus on those thoughts only your subconscious mind understands and start working on that with the help of Universe. Write down affirmations about your goals and read it at least in morning and at night before you go to bed. You can repeat it whenever you get time. But in morning and before going to sleep is more important because at that time your subconscious mind is more active than conscious mind and science have prove that your brain is having strong frequency level at those time.
Creative visualization is a strong cornerstone of LOA.Visualization is meditative exercise. Invest at least 15-20 min daily in morning and at night for visualization. Visualization are the mental pictures or movie that you will create in your mind about your dream life. Imagine like you are seating in theatre which is personalize for you and relaxing and watching a movie of your dream life. The  hero of your movie are you only, you are seeing yourself on screen enjoying your dream life. Your subconscious mind understand thoughts with emotions so when you will do visualization having emotions into that you will get result faster.
Some people may get problem in this technique at starting level. Start writing your dreams with detail description ,this will create a mental image in your subconscious mind and then add emotions into it ,feel it just its happening in reality in front of you.
Here are some more few techniques to enhance your life with LOA.
1.You should increase your power of dreams. When you start positive thinking, they will become stronger and stronger day by day and you can deliberately increase the chances of achieving your dreams.
2.There is universal law that what we focus it increases for us, so focus on your dreams intentionally.
3.When you will start focusing on dreams believe that you are forwarding one step ahead towards your dream.
4.Have a patience and belief on yourself.
5.Do visualization daily, it will help you to improve your performance.
Many successful people in the world have apply LOA to achieve their dreams.
Now you will be also one of them RIGHT ?
All the Best !


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