I know that it’s on it’s way……………

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I know that it’s on it’s way……………

We all know that our subconcious mind is connected with the universal power and our every thought is having some frequency.And due to that frequency we are always connected with universal power.

When you see the things are not happening like you want ,you fraustrated ,become doubtful.Doubt brings disapointment and loose a frequency of receiving. So when you get frustrated have belief and tell yourself 
“I know that it’s on it’s way” 

Then you will feel good and you will be again on the frequency of receiving what you want.
Feel yourself that all good is receiving to you.

People are having belief on LOA (Law of Attraction) but still things not happens as  take delay.Quantum physics and Einestine tell us that everything is happeneing simultaneously.Means there is no time slot.So you will see that whatever you want in future is already exsists.universe dont take time to manifest it.You experience delay beacuse of your delay in getting belief and understanding that feeling it that you already have it.

So set your frequency to appear what you want. 

Pretice Mulford had wrote in 1870 that “When you say yourself ,I am going to have a pleasent journey you are literarly sending elements and forces ahead that will arrange the things to make your journey pleasent .When you are in bad mood before the journey having feeling of something unpleasent , you are sending some unseen agencies ahead of you which will make some kind of unpleasentness. “

Your thoughts,your state of mind is always fingure up things good or bad in advance”

So set your frequency always on “Feel Good Mode” to appear what you want.



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