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Many of us wake up feeling more tired than when we went to sleep. 

Why? We aren’t getting enough of it! Why not go to bed at 9:00 or 10:00 p.m.?  
There is nothing on mobile or television that is worth losing your sleep. 
 Go to bed early and read something inspirational before you sleep. 
 Do meditation while sleeping. 
While waking up take a few deep breaths and find something that you’re grateful for (your children, partner, your health, the warm bed you are in, nature outside your window). 
Take this time to be thankful for all that you have in your life instead of wasting your energy on thinking about what you don’t have. 

We have a lot of choices what you can listen to. There are, of course, the TV and radio news shows, but frankly, they are noisy and not terribly edifying. Instead, do mediation for 10 to 15 min. Do the visualization of what you want to happen in your mind. Try listening to soothing music in the morning or an inspirational audiobook during your commute. 
 You can also start your day with some “Shloka” Or just enjoy the silence and give your mind some time to rest before you start the day. 

Do exercise at least for 30 minutes. You can do some yoga, Surya Namaskar or you can take a walk in the fresh air. Have a homemade healthy breakfast before leaving home for work. 

Think the “Right” Thoughts If you are under stress, mornings may be your time to worry. 
Whenever thoughts creep into your mind like, “I won’t be able to handle today,” or “I’m afraid that I’ll fail,” 
 Think purposefully exactly opposite positive thoughts minimum 3-4 times repeatedly. E.g. if a thought came in your mind that “ I won’t be reached to office in time” Immediately start thinking that I have reached before time to office and started my work in time and everybody is appreciating my keeping time.

Set your today’s goal and complete it by following small steps. Appreciate yourself on every success from your to-do list. 
Make a decision every morning that you are going to remain focused on the positive, no matter what comes your way. 
It might be hard to follow in the start but after some days you will have a habit of it. On occasion, we are surprised by bad news. Or we receive a frustrating email or phone call. Or someone is rude to us. 

The best thing when you will make a decision at the start of each day positively then nothing is going to let anything ruffle your feathers. 

Have a nice day ahead !!




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