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Confidence is a trust in someone or something. 
Confident person believes in himself and his abilities . 
Confidence is not a gift of God. It has to be cultivated with self-efforts  and diligence.

Conviction is a first step of confidence. People afraid to accept the challenges because they doubt on their own capacity. Put belief in yourself, it will boost up your  success ratio. 

For self-belief  our positive approach plays a very important roll. Practicing positive affirmation  and using only positive words while talking, grows positive  energy  in you. 

Self-confidence boosts you to be positive and  have faith in you and your work.

To build a confidence in yourself  remove the thoughts of having “NO” power from your mind. 

Actually while doing you may realize that it’s very difficult but your conscious try will help you to remove “No” power thoughts from your mind.

When you will adopt thinking of positive thinking automatically self belief will be created in your mind. And self belief increases confidence.

Confidence creates optimistic approach  gives powerful support in life.  Optimism is a positive approach towards the things happen. Optimistic approach increase happiness in you. 
Any circumstances or any out side force is not a happiness.
 Happiness is a decision you make ! When you will start to act like happy optimistic person, your mind will accept that is your reality and it will create “Can do approach” in you.

“Can do” creates  a very positive note in you about your ability ,your confidence , your self belief  and your success.

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